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If you and your spouse are interested in working together to reach a resolution in your divorce (dissolution), mediation is very likely a viable option for you.  Many people are unaware there are family law attorneys that serve as mediators for pro per, self-represented parties, in order to help them formalize their settlement while assisting them in meeting procedural requirements.

The process in working with a mediator to resolve your divorce (dissolution) is a very different experience than litigation.  In mediation the parties are encouraged to work together to reach a mutually agreeable resolution while guided by mediator through the procedural requirements that often cause distress and confusion for self-represented parties. 

The experience in working with a mediator is fundamentally different than when you hire an attorney in the traditional sense, as the attorney mediator does not represent you or your spouse/former spouse.  Instead the mediator is retained by the two of you jointly and thereby is not able to advocate, or take a side, for either of you.  The mediator acts as an intermediary to help you and your spouse/former spouse to come to a resolution and prepare the formal agreement for your approval.

If needed during the mediation process the mediator can explain to you the reality of litigation and related processes.  Additionally, the mediator will be able to also explain to you the law in the state of California and related options to aid you and your spouse/former spouse weigh your options and respective legal rights in working to reach a resolution.  The mediators litigation experience can prove beneficial for both parties in understanding the court process, substantive case law, as well as the procedures needed to finalize their agreement.

If mediation sounds rights for you feel free to get in touch with us to set up a consultation to meet us with your spouse/former spouse.

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