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Your initial consultation may be the most important meeting you ever have with your attorney.

Prior to your consultation, in an effort to enhance the value and cost-effectiveness of the time spent with your letter you should take these steps:

  1. Prepare a written list of your questions, concerns, and ideas. You can view this list as as partial agenda for your meeting. This will help you assess your preconceived ideas about the process and the law and allow us the opportunity to address them point by point.

  2. Prepare and bring financial documents including a prepared financial statement, list of your assets and liabilities. On your prepared financial statement make sure to note your understanding of whether items are community or separate property. For a simple outline of a form that you can use please reference the Judicial Counsel approved Schedule of Assets and Debts form which can be found here.

  3. Prepare and detailed information as to your monthly cash flow. For an example you can use the Judicial Counsel approved Income and Expense Declaration which can be found here. Make sure to bring this information along with supporting documents such as pay-stubs, last three years of tax returns, and related documents.

  4. Prepare a written bullet point outline of the history related to your relationship and the case you are seeking advice related to. The outline can be broken down into topics such as custody issues, property, date of separation, etc. The more specific information and timelines we are provided the more accurate our information can be.

  5. If you have been served with our filed any court pleadings please bring them with you as well as any drafted response you have.

  6. Prepare a summary of your goals and what you perceive as the real issues as well as any proposals or ideas you have as to how to resolve them.

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We know that finding the right attorney to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.


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